New York T20 Big Bash Cricket
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NYT20 BIG-BASH DAY-2 Game's Results:

May 3, 2014 GAME#11  SmileNY Superstars  vs  NY Warriors NY Warriors vs NY Superstars: Superstars won the toss and batted: Superstars made 211/8, S. Baksh 42 and C. Singh 35, A. Harribulla 2/20 and Z. Majeed 2/34. In reply Warriors made 155/8,  A. Harribulla 50 N.O. and D. Narine 42, D. Moffit 3/29 and A. Gordon 2/22.  
May 3, 2014 GAME#12  SmileBangladesh Tigers  vs  Somerset Bangladesh Tigers vs Somerset: Somerset won the toss and bowled: Tigers made 77 AO in 20 overs. In reply Somerset made 58 AO in 18.1 overs.  
May 3, 2014 GAME#13  SmileAtlantis  vs  Pakistan First Atlantis vs Pak- First: Pak- First won the toss and batted: Pak- First made 123/8 in 20 overs. In reply Atlantis made 126/3 off 14.1 overs.  
May 3, 2014 GAME#14  SmileNY Blasters  vs  St. Lucia Masters ST. Lucia Masters vs NY Blasters: Masters won the toss and bowl: Blasters made 212/5, T. Balwant 52 and G. Singh 51, J. Emmanuel 3/39 and P. Francis 1/30. In reply Masters made 104 AO off 13.4 overs, J. Emmanuel 36 and A. Joseph 27, H. Ramdial 4/17 and R. Sewchand 3/35  
May 3, 2014 GAME#15  Pak-Stallions  vs  Pak-AmericaSmile Pak- America vs Pak- Stallion: Pak- America won the toss and batted: Pak- America made 110 AO in 19.1 overs, Y. Jamsed 27, J. Tariq 2/17 and A. Zafar 2/18. In reply Pak- Stallions made 93 AO in 19.3 overs, S. Iqbal 32, S. Khan 3/12 and Z. Ahmed 3/15.  
May 3, 2014 GAME#QF16 # SmilePak- First vs NY Warriors Pak- First vs NY WarriorsPak- First won the toss and bowled: Warriors made 124 AO off 19 overs, T. Carmichael 20, A. Munawar 4/17 and S. Nadeem 3/16. In reply Pak- First made 126/8 off 19.2 overs, A. Syed 37, Z. Majeed 3/24 and A. Harribulla 2/15.  
May 3, 2014 GAME#QF17 # Atlantis vs SomersetSmile Atlantis vs Somerset: Somerset won the toss and batted: Somerset made 134/9 in 20 overs. In reply Atlantis made 110 AO in 18.1 overs.  
May 3, 2014 GAME#QF18 # SmileNY Blasters vs Bangladesh Tigers NY Blasters vs Bangladesh Tigers: Blasters won the toss and bowled: Tigers made 96 AO in 20 overs. In reply Blasters made 99/6 in 17.4 overs.  
May 3, 2014 GAME#QF19 # SmileNY Superstars vs Pak- America NY Superstars vs Pak- America: Superstars won the toss and batted: Superstars made 191 AO in 20 overs, S. Baksh 110 and A. Mohammed 46, Sarmad 3/31 and Hanan 3/35. In reply Pak- America were 52/2 in 5.3 overs when they Forfeited the game. Superstars won by Forfeited.  
NYT20 BIG-BASH DAY-1 Game's Results:
May 2, 2014 GAME#1  SmileAtlantis vs  Bangladesh Tigers                       Atlantis vs Bangladesh Tiger: Atlantis won the toss and decided to field: Tigers 73AO off 20 overs, Arif Islam 27, Keon Lake 3/6 and Thakur Singh 2/12. In reply Atlantis made 77/9, Jonathan Foo 40 N.O. , J. Ahmed 4/18 and K. Zaman 3/9  
May 2, 2014 GAME#2  NY Blasters vs Pak-StallionsSmile                          NY Blasters vs Pak Stallion: NY Blasters won the toss and batted: NY Blasters 142/7, K. Ganesh 29 and T. Johnson 29 N.O., A. Zafar 4/16. In reply Pak Stallion made 146/6, T. Mars 39 and J. Tariq 27, Z. Khan 3/22 and K. Ganesh 2/32  
May 2, 2014 GAME#3  St. Lucia Masters vs  Pakistan FirstSmile              Pak- First vs ST. Lucia Masters: Pak- First won the toss and  decided to field: ST. Lucia Masters 92AO off 14.4 overs, C. Fontenelle 28 and P. Francis 26, Wahab 3/9 and Zafar 3/27. In reply Pak- First made 93/4 off 12.2 overs, Asad 40 and Abdullah 35, P. Francis 3/3  
May 2, 2014 GAME#4  Pak-America vs NY Warriors Smile                          Pak- America vs NY Warriors- Pak- America won the toss and batted: Pak-America 154/7, Azad Hussain 36, S. Majeed 3/20 and A. Harribella 2/22. In reply NY Warriors made 155/3, T. Carmichael 70 N.O. and R. Wilson 43 N.O., Z. Ahmad 2/19 and A. Hussain 1/19.  
May 2, 2014 GAME#5  SmileSomerset CC vs NY Superstars                             NY Superstars vs Somerset CC: Somerset won the toss and batted: 153/8, Ahsan Siddique 49 and Naveed Gul 28, Andy Mohammed 2/24 and George Adams 2/28. In reply NY Superstar made 90AO in 16.4 overs, Andy Mohammed 24 and Sharaz Baskh 19, Ibrahim Zahour 2/17 and Ahsan Siddique 2/18  
May 2, 2014 GAME#6  SmileSt. Lucia Masters vs Atlantis  
ST. Lucia Masters vs Atlantis: ST. Lucia won the toss and decided to field: Atlantis 99/9, Michael Noble 32 and Jonathan Foo 26, J. Emanuel 2/5 and H. Peter 2/21. In reply Masters made 100/7 off 15.2 overs, A. Fontinel 30, Michael Noble 3/19
May 2, 2014 GAME#7  Bangladesh Tigers vs Pakistan FirstSmile
 Bangladesh Tigers vs Pak- First: Tigers won the toss and batted: Tigers 119/5 off 18 overs, Z. Hossain 40 and A. Islam 32, Wahab 2/25 and Zafar 1/18. In reply Pak- First made 121/5 off 17.2 overs, Asad 51 N.O. And Adil 23, Z. Hussain 1/11 F. Rahman 1/12
May 2, 2014 GAME#8  NY Superstars vs NY BlastersSmile
 NY Blasters vs NY Superstars: NY Superstars won the toss and batted: NY 150/8, S. Bari 48 and D. Evans 30, Karan Ganesh 2/22 and Telston Johnson 2/25. In reply Blasters made 152/6 off 19.1 overs, Karan Ganesh 58N.O. And G. Singh 38, D. Mofett 3/10 and S. Basksh 2/27
May 2, 2014 GAME#9  Pak-Stallions vs NY WarriorsSmile
 Pak- Stallion  vs NY Warriors: NY won the toss and decided to field: Pak- Stallion 128/8, Troy Mars 32 and Z. Tariq 20, T. Carmichael 4/13. In reply NY made 129/7 off 19.3 overs, Z. Majeed 26 N.O. and R. Wilson 18, J. Tariq 2/21
May 2, 2014 GAME#10 SmilePak-America vs Somerset CC  
Pak- America vs Somerset CC: Pak- America won the toss and batted: Pak- America 127 AO off 18.1 overs, Yasir Jamshed 33 and Hunain Munir 16, Muhammad Tayyab 4/33 and Muhammad Nisarahed 2/13. In reply Somerset made 114 AO off 19.1 overs, Glen Hall 25 and Siddhart Metha 18, Hunain Munir 3/20 and Asad Hussain 3/25

New York T20 Big Bash
By Sam Sooppersaud | Schedule Below
Twenty20 cricket has taken the cricketing world by storm!
Yes, cricket fans, since this format of the game was introduce in England, its popularity has spread like wildfire. Now all cricket fanatics are talking about, is 20/20 cricket.

In India, there is the Indian Premier League (IPL), The Big Bash in Australia, and The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) in the West Indies. There is the Bangladesh Premier League and the Sri Lanka Twenty20.

In the United States, the Cricket Council USA has been staging Twenty20 Tournament in different states. The most popular being the MAQ T20 played at the Broward County Cricket Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on the first weekend in December each year. This tournament is now in its seventh year.

Well, New York cricket fans, you do not have to travel to India, or the West Indies, or Australia, or to the other countries to watch exciting T20 cricket. You do not even have to travel to Florida to enjoy your passion for this “slam bam, thank you Ma’am” format of cricket. This entertainment is now in your backyard.

Starting on Friday, May 2nd, ten franchises would be vying for cricket supremacy in New York when they go against each other at various cricket parks around the New York City areas.  The games would be played at Baisley Park, 150 Street /Rockaway Boulevard, Queens, Idlewild Cricket Park, 223rd Street/ 147th Avenue, Rosedale, 80th Street/Seaview Avenue, Brooklyn, and 108th Street/Seaview Avenue, Brooklyn.

Ten teams are in contention for the Championship and the other prizes put up by the management team at NY T20 Group, Inc, Ajaz Asgarally, President, Linden Fraser, 1st VP, Hafeez Ali, and 2nd VP. These individual have done a yeoman’s job in putting this tournament together. They have enlisted the expertise of the savvy cricket administer, Jeff Miller, to be the tournament manager.

Jeff is well known for putting on the Fort Lauderdale cricket extravaganza each year for the CCUSA. That tournament was started with a handful of teams. In the 2013 edition of the tournament, 64 teams participated in the week long cricket festival with prize moneys being in excess of one hundred thousand dollars. It is hoped that the NY T20 Big Bash would grow over the coming years to enjoy some of that success.

The prize money for this tournament, right now, stands at $12,000, with the champions taking home $10,000 and the runners-up, $2,000. It was originally proposed that the prize moneys would be $15,000, and that 16 teams would participate. However, 6 teams have pulled out, hence the scale down. In addition, the champions would be entered to contest in the MAQ20 in Florida this coming December. They would not have to pay the $3,000 entrance fees. Ajaz Asgarally has pledged $500 towards the winners’ hotel expenses.

Following is the schedule of games.
Friday, May 2nd: These games start at 12:00 Noon
Atlantis v Bangladesh Tigers at Idlewild Park
NY Blasters v Pak Stallions at 80th Street
St. Lucia Masters v Pakistan First at Baisley Park
Pak-America v NY Warriors at 108th Street
Somerset v NY Superstars at 108th Street

The second set of games start at 4:00.P.M.
St. Lucia Masters v Atlantis at Idlewild Park
Bangladesh Tigers v Pakistan First at Baisley Park
NY Superstars v NY Blasters at 80th Street
Pak Stallions v NY Warriors at 108th Street
Pak-America v Somerset at 108th Street

Additional preliminary games would be played on Saturday, May 3rd, at the same venues, starting at 9:30.A.M. The Quarter Finals start at 2:30.P.M. The Semi-Finals would be played on Sunday, May 4th, starting at 10:00 A.M at Baisley and Idlewild. The finals would be staged at Idlewild Park at 2:30 P.M.

So cricket fans, come on out and enjoy three days of entertaining Twenty20 Cricket.


Ajaz Asgarally, President of the NY T20 Group, announced today that sixteen invitational teams including Somerset, Atlantis, Pak-America, Bangladesh Tigers, Empire Stallions, Vibes Challengers, Pakistan First,St. Lucia Masters, Cool Tech, New York Blasters, Washington Legions all featuring local, national and international players will be competing in the inaugural New York T20 Big Bash Cricket Tournament. “The following venues are confirmed for the tournament including the finals to be played at Idlewild Park on May 4, 2014,” said Asgarally. Idlewild Park will also host the preliminary games, along with Baisley Pond Park, Seaview Ave and Marine Park. The semi-finals will be played at Baisley Pond Park and Idlewild Park.

The New York T20 Big Bash Cricket Tournament will be held on May 2 – 4, 2014, and the teams will be competing for the Big Apple Championship Trophy and prize monies of $20,000.00. Jeff Miller, Event Manager, exclaimed “The sixteen teams will be divided into four groups of four with each team playing three games in the preliminary rounds. The two top teams from each group will advance to the quarter-finals whereby the teams will be ranked from one through eight.”
Miller further stated, “The Tournament Committee has modify the rules to allow players who have played in one game in the preliminary rounds to participate in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. Each team will play two games on Friday and one game on Saturday.”
Rahul Sharma, Secretary of the NY T20 Group, LLC also announced that Jameel “Hafeez” Ali has been appointed to be the Second Vice President of the group.” Hafeez is a strong supporter and contributor to the sport of cricket in the New Year area, and the owner of Richmond Roti Shop in Ozone, Queens. “I am very excited to be part of NY T20 Group, LLC and I’m looking forward to making the upcoming tournament a big success,” stated Hafeez.

Miller further stated, “the T20 Big Apple Welcome Reception will be held on Friday, May 2, 2014 at
Naresa Palace in South Ozone Park. Miller also stated that sixteen highly qualified umpires are confirmed to officiate the games during the tournament. “We are committed to delivering a successful and entertaining tournament for the fans in New York.”

The champions of the tournament will get an automatic berth in the prestigious 2014 US Cricket Open to be held on December 4-7, 2014 in Lauderhill, Florida, competing for the first prize of $75,000.00

Team Registrations Question.Smile
TEAM Registration application and fees please contact : 
Linden Fraser (646)-235-3243 
Ajaz Asgarally (646)261-1201 
Jeff Miller (305)-606-7603 
Rahul Sharma 

New York T20 Big Bash Cricket tournament Highlights of Day-1
Date MAY-02-2014


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Dateline: April 9, 2014
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Dateline: April 9, 2014
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